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Good Policy, Good Values, Good Looks

A Dedication to Sexy Democrats

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That's right. This isn't a dream. It's an entire LiveJournal community dedicated to squeeing, worshipping, and basically fangirl/guy-ing (hey, we're open to all sexual orientations here) your favorite sexy Democrats and, if the occasion merits it, Republicans. Pictures, articles, politics ranting, and random omggg-I-loooooooove-him squee sessions are all welcome.

Community History

This community is run, founded, and thought up jointly by virginia_bell and annakournikomer, the former from the great swing state of Pennsylvania, the latter from the great liberal bastion of New York, and both of them attendees at the 2004 Junior Statesmen Summer School (JSA) at Georgetown University, Session II. Both of them consider themselves so-called "flaming, bleeding-heart liberals" and are very proud of it.

The strange obsession with sexy Democrats dates back to roughly the second time we visited Ted Kennedy's office down in DC. We, along with virginia_bell's roommate, asked his interns if they could set up a meeting with the flaming liberal himself for us. While that meeting never happened (he had to go back to the other great liberal bastion of Massachusetts, from which virginia_bell also hails), it more or less sparked the obsession. This obsession was joined with virginia_bell's already existing obsession with John Edwards, who she considers the most gorgeous politician to ever live. It also merged with their mutual fondness for Bill Clinton and annakournikomer's love for Ted Kennedy.

After much deliberation through LJ comments and a phone conversation, this community was born!

The Pantheon and the Holy Trinity

The Pantheon is what we, as the moderaters of this community, have termed the official group of worshippable sexy Democrats and one Republican (as it currently stands). The Pantheon, of course, will be changed. Community members can nominate anyone they think has good policy, good values, and (obviously) good looks to the Pantheon, but it will ultimately be up to a community-wide vote (remember, this is a democracy) to see if the nominee will ascend to the high-holy Pantheon. Those sitting in the Pantheon can also be expelled from it if they, oh, vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, just as an example.

The Holy Trinity, conversely, cannot be changed. The Holy Trinity consists of the original sexy Democrats.

Now, without further ado...(pictures included, and all are Democrats unless otherwise noted)

The Pantheon

Jimmy Carter (nominated by assimilate_me, approved August 21, 2004) - Once-President of the United States, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Harold Ford - House representative from Tennessee's Ninth District
John F. Kennedy - Once-President of the United States
Robert Kennedy - Brother of JFK, once-U.S. Senator from New York
John McCain - Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona
Barack Obama - Currently running for U.S. Senate in Illinois

The Holy Trinity

Bill Clinton - Once-President of the United States
John Edwards - U.S. Senator from North Carolina, currently running for vice president
Ted Kennedy - Current U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

The Constitution of Good Policy, Good Values, Good Looks

Article I

Section 1. This community is mostly dedicated to discussion of the Pantheon and Holy Trinity members - their legislation, their words, their political stances, their looks, etc. Discussion of current events and politics is also welcome, as long as it somehow pertains to those in the Panthion and Holy Trinity.

Article II

Section 1. Politics is an extremely sensitive issue: ALL OPINIONS ARE TO BE RESPECTED. Attack the policy, not the person.

Section 2. Debate is encouraged, as long as it doesn't progress into base and rank partisanship. All trolling, saying something offensive merely for the sake of being offensive, will be prohibited.

Section 3. All squee-ing is welcome.

Article III

Section 1. As moderators, we'll try to keep our autocratic rule to a minimum. However, if anything offensive/obscene/generally inappropriate is posted, we reserve the right to delete or edit it.

Section 2. If a member of the community continues his/her infractions of the rules, we also reserve the right to suspend that person's right to posting and commenting.

Section 3. Moderators have the power to amend and alter this constitution as they see fit, but moderators have an obligation to notify all members of any such amendments and moderations.

Article IV

Section 1. Any member is welcome to post nominees to the Pantheon, and those nominees will be subjected to a community-wide vote.

Section 2. A caucus will preceed the vote. A caucus is automatically initiated whenever a member submits a nomination to the Pantheon and allows for discussion on the Pantheon nominee. A caucus will occur through comments on the entry that nominated whatever person then in contention. A caucus will end 48 hours after the nomination has been submitted or, if discussion proves fruitless, when a member motions to previous question (calls for a vote).

Section 3. No vote will be necessary to pass a motion to previous question. It will pass by default unless the moderators rule otherwise.

Section 3. A moderator will call for a vote by posting the resolution in question. Voting is done by posting either a "yea" or "nay" comment; those who don't vote will be counted as abstentions. Voting for a particular resolution will end exactly 72 hours after the calling for a vote. Any vote cast after the closing of the polls will be considered null and void.

Your sexy Democrats-lovin' mods,
virginia_bell and fellow mod annakournikomer